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P.U.B. issues viability advisory on LIJIT

P.U.B., the blogger's union, is advising Publishers the search widget "lijit" 's viability is in question, and to take any and all step necessary to protect content and ongoing function for readers:

1) Locate, install, and implement a backup/replacement search/content aggregator for Lijit

2) Request immediate transparency from Lijit concerning its current and ongoing financing in the current economic climate.

Your blogger's Union would rather take on the continued attacks from Lijit then be answerable to Publishers after private entities such as Lijit fail and leave publisher in the lurch concerning their search, content, and revenue (if any) due to them.

Please take any and all appropriate steps necessary to insure your blog remains in tact and functioning should LIJIT fail and in its failure fail to deliver search; sell your blog's content/assets it has collected ; or fails to pay promised revenue from the efforts from publisher and the union demanding revenue based widgets like LIJIT cull from our efforts as Publishers.

Thank you for taking this advisory and necessary steps for your blog,


Why is P.U.B. so darn Cheap?
By Barney Moran
Founder, P.U.B.

Why is Publisher's Union of Bloggers so Cheap? Cheap as in hosting free with G0-Daddy, etc?

I had exactly this exchange with a Publisher who wondered why P.U.B. runs such a cheap site, you can read it in double vision here:

The point is not just the Blogger's Union, but all Union's need to be cheap, as they run on members money.  You can be sure no matter how large the issue or P.U.B.'s membership, P.U.B. will always use the economy of the internet to get the best bang for the dues of our Publishers members.

P.U.B. Takes on Lijit Corporation for Publishers!
By Barney Moran
Founder, P.U.B.

In what was a routine inquiry from P.U.B.  to Lijit Networks, Inc., back in April, 2008 inquiring how Lijit was planning on sharing revenue gained from its placement on unique Publishers sites, P.U.B. has found itself embroiled in some nasty public bantering with the Widget producer Lijit. P.U.B. has found valued support from publishers on the Lijit issue, including uncovering some disturbing Terms of Use questions on the Lijit site.

NOVEMBER 13: Due to high email volume concerning the Lijit Investigation, We have posted an F.A.Q. on most asked questions concerning your Bloggers Union and Lijit here:

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