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Lijit's 'Proprietary Rights ' = Lijit owns your content 'throughout the world'

Your Blogger Union works to alert Publishers to understand what you give away when you let for profit companies such as the piggyback Lijit PROGRAM into your site and your content, quoted from Lijit, 9/26/2010:

"you hereby grant to us an unrestricted, irrevocable, perpetual, non-exclusive, fully-paid and royalty-free, license (with the right to sublicense through unlimited levels of sublicensees) to use, copy, perform, display, create derivative works of, and distribute such Content in any and all media (now known or later developed) throughout the world."  --Actual Lijit Online Contract 9/26/10

Is this really your intention? Think. Ask. Demand. Reject.

This message Courtesy of P.U.B. , Publishers Union of Bloggers



APRIL 15, 2010


Take another big step towards transparency from the companies who profit from your blog writing by

 NOT writing April 15, 2010!


Let companies like Lijit and Google know: you know they have not been transparent about what they make from our blogs; what % they share with us, the people creating the content they use and re-sell at great profit.


If you can’t keep your fingers from working on April 15th, 2010, then ask companies like Lijit, Google, or any other currently profiting from you blog this basic question:


What do you make from my work?  What % are you sharing with me?


Your UNION, P.U.B., Publisher’s Union of Bloggers, has asked these simple questions from companies such as Lijit and Google, and they have either not answered or used personal attacks and threatened legal action against P.U.B. and its members.


Why? Google, Lijit, and other’s profiting from publishers plan on there being no power among independent, freethinking writers.  'They will never act as a group, never ask us to be transparent, we can  pay them whatever we want, if anything'


Is your creative work worth asking this simple question? 

Then ask it, April 15th, 2010, and tell your publishing peers to ask for it too.


Keep up the good work, fellow publishers,




Barney Moran

Founder, P.U.B.



TO: Google

email sent


Voicemail sent 9:15pm EST from P.U.B.




RE: Publisher’s Union inquiry concerning Lijit on Google’s Blogger Platform


October 18, 2009



Dear Google,


P.U.B., Publishers Union of Bloggers, requests information from Google for Publishers concerning Blogger’s use of Lijit search on the Blogger Platform to share with Blog Publishers who currently use Blogger, and potential publishers who may choose to use the Blogger platform:



  1. Does Google have a unique contract with Lijit Networks?
  2. If so, are the terms of this contract available to the public to review?
  3. Will content culled by Lijit Networks from publishers using the Blogger Platform be held by the Chinese company CDNet, as other Lijit content is currently held? If not, what entity will hold this data?
  4. What protections for publishers has Google put into place concerning Lijit’s use of publisher content?



Thank you,



Barney Moran,

P.U.B., Publishers Union of Bloggers

Sunday, July 13, 2008 9:19 AM



Barney, what makes you stop being an asshole ?  Your endgame is money so tell me how much.




Todd Vernon


lijit networks, inc.
1050 Walnut

Suite 340

Boulder, CO 80302
303.493.5490 ext 498 direct
303.493.5495 fax

Unsolicited email from Lijit to P.U.B., dated Sunday, July 13th, 9:19am.

"What's in your Widget?"

You’ve embedded a widget in your blog(s), or are considering it.


The blogger’s union, P.U.B. requires Widget makers keep Publishers informed so they can make long term decisions concerning their blogs. The current unfolding economic crises cries out to us: hard questions need to be answered before any widget gets our hard earned real estate, exposure, revenue, and use of our content on our Blogs.


I. The Plan?

 What is the business plan?

Is this plan shared with Publishers who make the choice to install?

What is the Blog Publisher’s Role? Are individual Publishers privy to the same deal(s) Blog Publisher Networks get?

Is there Revenue involved?

If so, what does the Blog Publisher get?


II. Viability? What is the Widget companies long term viability?

How are they financed?

What are their long and short term goals?

Are they meeting them?


III. Functionality? What does the Widget promise to do?

            Does it function correctly?

            What is the % downtime of the Widget?

            Is there any reimbursement for down time?

            Is there a speed hit for using the Widget?



 These are             These are the questions P.U.B. is asking for Publishers. They are no different then the questions the S.E.C. should have

been asking

of fin                           asked financial institutions and any entitiy taking your money before the Wall Street Meltdown.

                                                                               To not ask is to not think.

JOIN P.U.B. at no cost during this, our start up year! Simply email your interest, questions or comments to P.U.B.
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